Instrumental Music Teachers' Network

Created on: 05 Sep 2011 | Last modified: 27 Apr 2023

The Network

The IMT Network was established by the EIS to allow instrumental music teachers from all over Scotland to share experiences, discuss common difficulties and promote the work of Instrumental Music in the wider education community.

At present, the Network has 26 members, attending meetings 3 times per year.

The meetings are always lively and a broad range of opinions are shared and debated on many topics including CPD, GTCS registration and professional recognition.

The EIS has raised the profile of Instrumental Music in Scotland with our Music Charter and, in this climate of budget cuts, will continue to promote and protect members with the full range of options open to it.

All EIS members who are instrumental music teachers should make contact with their own local IMT network member. A list of the current members along with their email address is available on this page.

If you have something you would like raised at a meeting please advise your local IMT Network Member who can bring this forward.