The registration of college lecturers has been a longstanding policy of EIS-FELA and through the agreement reached with Colleges Scotland in the May and November 2017 that policy objective was realised. 

Registration now forms part of the contractual terms for college lecturers across Scotland.  Since 2017, work has been ongoing to bring the terms of that Agreement into effect. 

College lecturers deserve the professional recognition which registration brings and the acknowledgement that teaching in a college requires a body of knowledge and the development of skills and experience to deliver vocational and academic qualifications to a wide range of learners. 

The joint work which is being undertaken through the College Lecturers’ Registration Working Group  (GTCS, Colleges Scotland, EIS-FELA and the Scottish Government) will ensure that the registration model which is developed will be bespoke to the college sector, meeting lecturers’ needs and embedding career-long learning and development opportunities.

In this section of the website, you can find out more about the registration process, the pilot projects which are underway, some answers to frequently asked questions and even access the e-zine, ‘Inspiring Lecturers’.  For those who want to explore some topics further, there are also links to relevant parts of the GTCS website.

Should you wish to get in touch or find out more about what is happening with the registration project in your college, then either contact your Branch Secretary or email us.