SRUC Ballot

Created on: 04 Jul 2019 | Last modified: 13 Sep 2021

Ballot Open Now
Ballot Closes: 23rd June 2021

Our pay claim was not satisfactorily met by the SRUC, and an offer was made for consolidated payment of less than inflation for almost all EIS members.

For anyone above grade 4+, this offer would mean no cost-of-living increase for 2020 at all. This latter group represents around half of EIS’s SRUC branch members.

SRUC staff have fallen behind in terms of pay, as compared to both their FE & HE counterparts since merger.

The second element of the dispute is regarding the lack of progress on the pay and grading review as agreed in pay deals – the latest being 2019.

Despite continuous pressure on this, SRUC have yet to undertake the agreed review, and this is costing many of our members to lose out on the increased pay rates that may come about with a pay and grading model aligned to sector norms.

This ballot for industrial action is the last step left to us.

The Branch has sought a negotiated settlement at all times with the SRUC but the SRUC is procrastinating on the pay and grading review, and the non-consolidated pay offer means a one-off cash payment that would see us fall further behind our colleagues in both Further & Higher Education.

The EIS-ULA SRUC Executive is recommending that you vote ‘YES’!