Created on: 24 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 24 Sep 2019

All meetings should be identified in your WTA calendar for the start of the school session.

Business Meetings

Ensure all have copy of agenda ahead of meeting starting and have had time to contribute to the agenda

A paper agenda on wall of staffroom a week before allows all to put items on.

If items on agenda could be shared by email do so rather than put them on meeting agenda

Save time at meeting for discussion and people have physical record of information.

Share who takes the notes from the meeting

Where possible do so using IT or just photocopy notes. No need to type these up after. This ensures notes taken and don't rely on one person who will be as busy as everyone else.

Highlight the actions to be taken and by whom on notes of meeting

This provides starting point for future meeting.

Consider sharing who chairs the meeting

Allows for all to feel they will be heard.

All Meetings

All attending should know the purpose of the meeting ahead of it taking place.

Don't fill time just because it is on the calendar

If task shorter than the allocated time then this is fine, people can use rest of the time to reflect on the activity.

Stick to the Agenda/Timings

If things come up which distract from the original plan then make a note and if time discuss at end or put on agenda for next meeting. Perhaps consider assigning allocation of time to each agenda item to ensure all can be discussed.

Development work on WTA doesn't all have to be done as a meeting

Staff in working groups should be using some of the allocated time to develop things away from the group and only meet to share outcomes and set next tasks.

If it isn't adding to the learning experience you don't need to do it, John Swinney says so.