Forward Plans

Created on: 24 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 24 Sep 2019

Personal Planning is just that personal

There is no need to do any particular format for daily/weekly planning and should meet needs of individual teacher. Nor is it necessary to submit this to Headteacher or Senior Management Team for audit purposes.

It isn't necessary to leave 3 days of plans on your desk nor be able to say what you were planning for a day if you phone in sick

Your forward plans and personal plans will be available in the room and supply teacher should be able to reflect on these to plan for their time in the class.

Forward planning should support professional dialogue rather than simply fulfil an audit function

Collecting and 'marking' forward plans isn't good practice.

Forward planning should be proportionate

There is no need to plan, assess, record and report at the level of each and every Experience and Outcome. It is almost always better to group together related Experiences and Outcomes and focus on the most significant aspects of teaching and learning. (Education Scotland, Tackling Bureaucracy Toolkit).

ICT planning and reporting systems should be used with caution. 

There should be a realistic evaluation of the time required to utilise such systems and this should be factored into school improvement plans (and WTA). Just because such systems can support very detailed planning and reporting, does not mean systems are used effectively to support and protect time for professional dialogue. (Education Scotland, Tackling Bureaucracy Toolkit).

Whilst CfE Benchmarks make assist schools in developing planning and assessment processes they should not be ticked off individually for planning or assessment purposes

Schools should develop planning and assessment processes which meet terms of Tackling Bureaucracy Toolkit and LNCT agreements.

If it isn't adding to the learning experience you don't need to do it, John Swinney says so.