10 reasons to join

The Educational Institute of Scotland is the longest established teachers’ union in the world.

Here are 10 reasons why the EIS should be your union:

The EIS is the largest and most effective teacher trade union representing over 80% of Scotland’s teachers (8 out of 10 teachers and lecturers in Scotland are members of the EIS).

Because of its size the EIS is also the most efficient and affordable union to join.

The EIS campaigns actively to secure and maintain professional salaries and improve conditions of services for all its members (the EIS has the overwhelming majority of members on the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers – SNCT).

As a professional organisation the EIS is committed to promoting opportunities for quality professional development for ALL teachers throughout their careers. The EIS is the only Scottish teaching union with Learning Representatives to support members’ CPD.

The EIS provides the best legal and professional advice bar none. Our solicitors and our network of EIS Representatives, Local Association Secretaries and Area Officers are available to provide the highest quality support and advice when it is needed. 

The EIS provides four insurance policies to all members covering: Personal Effects, Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicles, Third Party Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

EIS Financial Services provides independent financial advice, a comprehensive range of insurance and other financial planning products exclusively to EIS members.

A commitment to quality and equality across our education service is a hallmark of the EIS and its work in developing policies covering: Education, The Equality Agenda, Pay and Conditions of Service and all other areas of trade union work.

The EIS is a campaigning organisation that takes a lead on the big issues for education and teachers. The EIS runs major campaigns to protect education, deliver better opportunities for learners, and defend the pay and conditions of teachers. 

The EIS offers all members access to a specialist discount scheme covering a large number of retail outlets in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Download our 10 reasons to join mini-booklet.