Teaching Resources

Created on: 15 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 23 Dec 2020

Following our webinar, ‘Blended and Remote Learning – what’s in the mix?’, we have compiled resources which may be helpful to teachers who are looking for ideas to support these alternative models of educational delivery.

Some of you may remember the Rainbow Resources which we published to support teachers during lockdown. Many of the ideas referenced in these resources can still be used and adapted to meet the needs of learners in the current context. 

A range of blended learning models could be adopted to divide the activities between those which require more dedicated input in class and those which might be carried out at home or outwith school. Equally, they could be used to support remote learning.  We have added to these resources and included links to the materials referenced in our webinar.

The resources are broadly divided into Primary and Secondary with scope for adaptation by teachers to suit the needs of their learners as they see fit.

The resources for Primary – ‘Blended and Remote Learning – Ideas for the Primary Mix’ – are organised according to CfE Levels from Early to Second and cover a range of curricular areas.

The focus of the Secondary resources is health and wellbeing. They are suitable for a range of ages, with differentiation by outcome.

We hope that members find them useful and that children and young people enjoy taking part in the activities suggested.

If you have ideas which you would like to share, then please contact Leigh Meechan at lmeechan@eis.org.uk and we can add your suggestions to this resource.