What is a Learning Rep?

Created on: 14 Aug 2012 | Last modified: 12 Feb 2018

An EIS Learning Rep is a teacher or lecturer member of the union who has undertaken the appropriate training to be able to give information, advice and support to colleagues on CPD/Professional Learning. 

Learning Reps (LRs) are covered by the Employment Act 2002 and receive "reasonable time off" to undertake their role. This means that Learning Reps can make contact with colleagues by email, telephone or face-to-face.  


What does a Learning Rep do?

Learning Reps undertake a challenging course which gives them the skills and knowledge required to mentor colleagues who are interested in undertaking CPD/Professional Learning. 

The Learning Rep course consists of an introductory section which lasts for six weeks. The postgraduate module lasts for three months; both sections of the course are online.

Any member wishing to undertake CPD/Professional Learning and progress either on a professional or personal level can contact an LR who will advise on what would benefit the member most as an individual. 

As LRs have undertaken a significant amount of CPD/Professional Learning  themselves, and they are aware of what is involved and how this can be achieved against the backdrop of work and personal commitments.

Learning Reps have an important role to play in:

  • promoting CPD/Professional Learning

  • increasing the uptake of CPD/Professional Learning by colleagues

  • assisting colleagues on a practical level with their Professional Learning, PRD and Professional Update.