Introduction from EIS General Secretary

Created on: 14 Aug 2012 | Last modified: 30 Jan 2018

Dear Colleague, 

I would first of all like to congratulate you on successfully completing the Learning Rep course and becoming an accredited EIS Learning Rep. 

If you have been a Learning Rep for some time, I very much hope you are enjoying the role and thank you for your commitment and dedication to the EIS CPD agenda.

The group of EIS Learning Reps is continually growing and providing a very valuable service to colleagues by giving information, advice and support on quality CPD/Lifelong Learning opportunities.

EIS Learning Reps are making a huge difference to both the personal and professional development of teachers and lecturers.

This handbook is designed to assist you in carrying out your Learning Rep role. It will give you some assistance and guidance in getting started in the role, continually developing the role, and in how to perform the role most effectively.

It is up to the individual Learning Rep on how they wish to develop their role within their own local authority area or institution.

I hope you find the handbook helpful and hope that you enjoy your EIS Learning Rep role.

Larry Flanagan
General Secretary