Learning Reps, Member Access & Support

Created on: 17 Aug 2012 | Last modified: 12 Feb 2018

Are EIS Learning Reps the same as Local Association/College/Higher Education Institution representatives?

No. The role of EIS Learning Reps (LRs) is to support the learning needs of teachers/lecturers. 

They are not negotiators and do not have a representative role in casework, grievance and disciplinary matters.

For all issues other than those related to the learning agenda, members should be directed to follow the normal route through their EIS local association secretary/branch representative. This includes any member experiencing difficulty in accessing CPD/Professional Learning.


How do individual EIS members access the Learning Reps?

Individual members can contact EIS Learning Reps at any time to discuss issues relating to their own professional development. 

Teachers and lecturers should have time off to do so – this is covered by the Employment Act 2002 but it must be "reasonable time off".

This may, for example, form part of local agreements on CPD/Professional Learning arrangements.

Learning Reps can set up "surgeries" within their own establishment where colleagues can speak to them about their CPD/Professional Learning.  It is also possible for LRs to conduct surveys of colleagues to identify what CPD/Professional Learning they feel they require.

When anyone contacts a LR for information and/or advice about CPD it is important that they are responded to promptly. If the LR does not have all the necessary information to hand then they should send a "holding email" advising that they are in receipt of the request for assistance and will respond fully as soon as possible. 


How are Learning Reps supported? 

There is a national online forum which gives the opportunity to communicate with each other, pose questions, and discuss issues of relevance to Learning Reps. This forum is password protected.

There is also a full-time CPD and Learning Rep Co-ordinator to give advice and information to LRs, including guidance to new Reps on how to get started in the role. Experienced Reps are guided on how to develop their role, arrange joint CPD events, and any other issues they wish to discuss.

Support can take the form of email, phone or face-to-face contact, and all Learning Reps are encouraged to communicate regularly with the Co-ordinator.

Three meetings are held throughout the year and all LRs are encouraged to attend these meetings where possible.