Working from Home


During the current lockdown it has been necessary for staff to work at home due to the Coronavirus.  While we do not expect this to be the “new normal”, we do expect increased levels of home working for the foreseeable future.

General guidance for all members on home working can be found on the EIS website.

In response to the most common issues members have raised please see the following guidelines:

  1. You should not contact students from your personal phone numbers (mobile or landline), e-mail addresses or social media sites. Use college communication facilities only.
  2. You are not required to give line managers your personal phone, email or other contact details. All communication should be made through college communication facilities.
  3. You should not offer students anything other than course related advice. If they raise health or personal problems refer them to Learner/Student Support.  If you have concerns advise your line manager who can ensure that appropriate safeguarding measures are put in place. 

  4. You are not required to submit records of work or logs showing contact dates with students to line managers. As the General Secretary advised the school teachers  "There have been early reports, for example, of some Head teachers asking for weekly records of work to be submitted. That is a nonsense and we won't allow such unnecessary bureaucratic demands to be made of teachers amidst what are both professionally and personally already extremely difficult circumstances."

  5. If you are trying to conduct lessons, set activities or issue assessments online and individual students are not responding then you should not contact them looking for explanations for absence. We must not be seen to be harassing students in this situation.

  6. The NWPA and other contractual arrangements remain unchanged, so if you are asked to do anything that you would not normally be doing then it is probably non-contractual.

  7. There is no contractual requirement to use your own personal computers, laptops, phones etc. or your own broadband subscription to conduct college business of any kind. Many members are doing so. However, you are reminded that this being done as a matter of goodwill. If you feel that managers are putting you under pressure to engage in activities that you are uncomfortable with then that goodwill can be withdrawn at any time.

Only Do What You Can - When You Can - If You Can