New JNCHES Pay Framework and Data Research Working Group

Pay Framework and Data Research Overview Report



We are delighted to introduce the New JNCHES Pay Framework and Data Research Working Group overview report and its accompanying pieces of research. This report follows nearly a year of joint work between employer and union representatives on addressing the need to establish good information about pay and grading in the sector.

The revision and improvement of Chapter Five of the JNCHES Review of Finance and Pay Data, along with the examination of low pay issues, the identification of a range of data issues (and how they should be addressed) plus the Framework Agreement analysis report (and indeed the preceding survey and the interviews that may provide further useful data) are all seen as positive achievements.

We are grateful to the UCEA Research Team for their work on updating the work, first undertaken in 2008, on pay in higher education making use of the latest data available during 2010 through the Higher Education Statistics Agency Staff Record and from a specially commissioned dataset drawn from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.

We are also grateful to the UCEA Research Team for devising, co-ordinating and analysing the survey on implementation of the Framework Agreement and to the many HEIs who assisted by completing returns.

We would particularly like to thank the six HEIs who participated in the in-depth case studies conducted by Ms Sue Milsome on behalf of the Group; the willingness of both the HR specialists and the union representatives to share their experiences and views has greatly enriched the report we have produced.

The third area of output of the Working Group is a report on the Group’s dialogue with the two principal bodies involved in collecting data relevant to HE on salaries or earnings: the Higher
Education Statistics Agency and the Office of National Statistics.

Finally, we would like to suggest that, having read the overview report, it is disseminated widely to those with an interest across each and every HEI.

Additionally, the detailed research reports will be of significant interest not only to union representatives, HR and reward practitioners but also to others with an interest in the reward and grading arrangements across the sector.

Professor Paul Webley, Employers’ Side Chair
Jason Robertson, Union Side Chair

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