The EIS has carried out an analysis of the most recently published financial accounts of Scottish Universities (including GSA, SRUC, UHI and RCS). These were published early this year and cover the period 2014-15.

The EIS report shows that the Scottish University sector is continuing to do well, and generated a record operating surplus in 2014-15 with a record closing reserves of over £3billion.

The report also provides a breakdown of key financial data figures down to each HEI - enabling members to have a look at their own institution.

Included in the report are sections on staffing costs, senior staff pay and the principals' pay.

The EIS report covers these areas for each institution, and notes that the increase in senior pay and principals' pay within the sector as a whole is faster than the rise in academics pay (as covered by New JNCHES).

If any EIS member has any queries please contact the Further & Higher Education Office of the EIS.


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