University lecturer members of the EIS-ULA will take part in a ‘Day of Action’ in support of their campaign for a fair cost of living pay increase.

Lecturer members of EIS-ULA are currently being balloted on industrial action over their pay dispute. The Day of Action was organised to raise the profile of the campaign, encourage participation in the industrial action ballot, and increase support for a fair pay settlement for lecturers.

A petition has been launched, allowing students and other supporters to show their backing for fair pay for university lecturers.

The opening of the industrial action ballot followed lengthy discussions on a pay offer, and came as a result of the refusal of university employers to offer a fair cost of living pay increase to university lecturers.

Commenting, EIS-ULA President Nick Cimini said, "This Day of Action will help to raise the profile of our campaign, boost participation in our industrial action ballot, and build broader support for a fair cost of living pay increase for Scotland's university lecturers."

"In universities right across the country, lecturers have been distributing leaflets, speaking to student representatives, and gathering signatures in support of the EIS-ULA pay campaign. We are seeing strong support for our campaign, amongst lecturers and students alike."

Dr Cimini continued, "Before taking the decision to open this ballot, EIS-ULA engaged constructively with university employers in pursuit of a fair cost of living settlement. The employers responded with a pay offer of just 2% - considerably lower than inflation."

"University lecturers have received real-terms pay cuts for the last eight years, with the result that the value of salaries have been reduced by almost 20% over the past decade. It is unacceptable that universities are now offering yet another real-terms pay cut to lecturers this year."

He added, "University Lecturers do their job because they care about making a difference for their students. We believe that we should be paid fairly for what we do, and that our pay should keep up with the rising cost of living."

"We have opened this industrial action ballot as a last resort, as the result of the universities' refusal to negotiate a fair agreement. It is essential that all EIS-ULA members vote in the ballot, to send a clear message to the universities that they must come back with an improved and fair pay offer."