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EIS Campaigns

The EIS is the largest teacher trade union in Scotland, with over 55,000 members. We have over 80% of the country's teaching professionals as members, which gives the EIS the strength to defend Scottish education and protect the interests of its learners and teachers.

You will be aware of the very successful pay campaign which the EIS has just concluded which will mean that in your probationer year you will be £3831 better off and in your first year of teaching you will start at £26,697 - an increase of 16% on the pre-campaign figure. Pay is just one way in which teacher trade unions make a difference. 

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Student Voices

Here, various student teachers talk about why they decided to pursue a career in teaching and discuss the various parts of their course that they find most enjoyable. They also give theier reasons for joining the EIS and how they hope to get more involved in the union.

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Working while you study

The University experience for some students is clouded by employers who take advantage of their lack of workplace knowledge. Some employers try to impose working practices on students that more experienced staff would not accept.

As Scotland's fourth largest trade union, the EIS works with the NUS and the STUC to campaign for better terms and conditions for young workers.

Here is a brief guide to employment law so that you can be aware of your rights at work.


NUS Scotland

NUS Scotland is the national campaigning organisation for students in Scotland. Representing over 500,000 students at college and university in Scotland, they promote, defend and extend the rights of students, and work to develop and champion strong students' associations.

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