1.1 The 2010 Annual General Meeting approved the following resolution: 

"This AGM instructs Council to investigate the impact of the reduction of support staff on teachers' working conditions especially in relation to Annex E of the Agreement A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century.

1.2 The 2001 Agreement provides resources for the appointment of an additional 3500 staff to be appointed, principally to undertake a list of tasks which should not routinely be carried out by teachers (Annex E, A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century). 

1.3 The position of such support staff was investigated by the University of Glasgow, SCRE Centre, on behalf of the SNCT with a report provided to the SNCT in April 2005 (revised in October 2005).

1.4 The introduction of support staff was funded by £50m made available annually provided annually through Grant Aided Expenditure. 

1.5 Advice was sought from local association secretaries in relation to the motion. There were few responses. Where answers were provided local secretaries had difficulty in tracking the loss of classroom assistant posts since the Concordat agreement between Scottish Government and Scottish local authorities. 

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