The EIS, has responded to the First Minister’s comments on potential use of face-coverings in schools.

In her daily briefing this afternoon, Ms Sturgeon indicated that a change in policy on use of face-coverings in some areas of schools may be imminent.

Commenting following the First Minister’s statement, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said: "The EIS continues to believe that effective physical distancing is the best means of reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread in schools. 

"We are continuing to press the Scottish Government for more staff and smaller classes to achieve this. We note the WHO advice on face coverings for those aged 12 and over, where 1m distancing cannot be maintained.

"In situations where physical distancing is difficult, for example in busy corridors when pupils are moving between classes, use of face coverings becomes more important and we welcome the current Scottish Government consultation on this issue."